[Instant Solution] Written Differently Today Due

[Instant Solution] Written Differently Today Due

Minimum 200 word with apa format a MUST 

Check out the 12 Steps on the Internet and consider how they might be written differently today due to changes in our culture from the 1930s. 

Compare the original 12 Steps with the 13 Steps from Women for Sobriety available at www.womenforsobriety.org. 

  1. What are the differences?
  2. Has anything been lost?
  3. Is anything gained in these new versions?
  4. Is it right to tamper with something that has stood the test of time?

Let’s have a discussion after you check out the original 12 steps and the revised version of the “13 Steps from Women for Sobriety” based on the four short guiding questions above.

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