[Instant Solution] Topics Addiction Adherence Alarm

[Instant Solution] Topics Addiction Adherence Alarm


Choose a topic from the topic list on the attached instructions.

Write a PICO question that relates to your topic.

Find a quantitative nursing research article. Make sure that it is  actually nursing research. You may not use any of the following:

  • A retrospective study
  • A mixed methods study
  • A qualitative research article
  • A systematic review
  • A quality improvement article
  • An evidence based practice article

You may not use the article that is being used for the RACs in this course session.

If you are repeating the class, you may not use the article or topic that you used for your last attempt at this class.

You may receive help from librarians in finding an article, but you  are ultimately responsible for whether it meets requirements or not.

Upload the worksheet and your article. The article must be in pdf format.




Alarm safety




Diabetes management

Discharge teaching


Functional ability

Health and wellbeing of nurses

Hospital readmission rates

Infection control



Prenatal teaching

Prevention of post operative complications

Prevention of pressure ulcers

Sleep disturbances


The article needs to be within a 5 years old, quantitative research article only!

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