[Instant Solution] Step Strategic Communications Matrix

[Instant Solution] Step Strategic Communications Matrix

Discussion Post Assignment – TEAM ASSIGNMENT:

Read the Research, Strategic Planning Matrix section in your textbook on page 68. You can find the 8-Step Strategic Communications Matrix-1.pdf

Actions on pages 18-19 in your textbook. 

1. Strategic Communications Matrix – RESEARCH .pdf


Based on the company/organization you selected with your final project partners, work together to come up with the following for your final project for:

1. Background,

2. Situation Analysis,

3. Core Problem Opportunity.

Discussion Submission Format – Please follow! 

  • Each partner is to submit the same discussion post assignment.   THIS IS A TEAM ASSIGNMENT.
  • At the top of your discussion post submission, include your name and your partner names and your final project company/organization name. 
  • Identify each section with a header – there will be three:
    • Background,
    • Situation Analysis, and
    • Core Problem Opportunity

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