[Instant Solution] Specific Cultures Value Certain

[Instant Solution] Specific Cultures Value Certain

 Answer the following questions in 250-300 words 

  • What would your family say your temperament was like as a baby? Were you “easy going,” difficult to keep content, or “slow to warm up?”  
  • Which personality traits of your childhood have remained with you through adulthood?   
  • As you think about how you became the person you are today, distinguish between traits you believe you obtained from your family versus traits you think your environment shaped. Share at least one example from your life.  
  • We know that specific cultures value certain personality traits. Could parents alter the personality of their newborn to make them be more socially desirable as adults by influencing the development of these traits through genes or environment? How might they do this? 


https://youtu.be/P2SxoBj3daM  (A Childs temperament)

https://youtu.be/D-icWG1J2ME  (Navigating a child temperament.

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