[Instant Solution] Select Three Academic Website

[Instant Solution] Select Three Academic Website

Locate three scholarly websites on the following topic: Mononucleosis

  • Evaluate web source material for credibility and usefulness before beginning your research.
  • Create your own work with relevant information that builds your knowledge base.
  • Students may not reuse any previous work for resubmission in this course.

Search the Internet and select three ACADEMIC website that pertains to either:

Review scientific work and paraphrase using your own words.  You may not add direct quotes from any source but will paraphrase and add citations. Your Word Count will be at least 300 words (excluding references and in-text citations), including, but not limited to, the disease process, symptoms, diagnoses, trends in health care, possible genetics, morbidity and mortality, and case studies. Be sure to identify and define terms or procedures that are specific to your topic.  For example, provide how the disease is diagnosed, and treated, new trends of medications, and symptoms/outcomes of this disease.  

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