[Instant Solution] Rna Translation Viral Replication

[Instant Solution] Rna Translation Viral Replication

Module 3 is all about genetics. Many of the antibiotic and antiviral medications of today use the principles of genetics to target bacteria and viruses. By targeting DNA replication, transcription, translation and/or the enzymes and proteins associated with these functions, the medications can selectively target the pathogen without harming the host. In this discussion post you will research and describe a medication that targets a component of genetics in its MOA (mechanism of action). 

MOA Definition: In medicine, a term used to describe how a drug or other substance produces an effect in the body. For example, a drug’s mechanism of action could be how it affects a specific target in a cell, such as an enzyme, or a cell function, such as cell growth. Knowing the mechanism of action of a drug may help provide information about the safety of the drug and how it affects the body. It may also help identify the right dose of a drug and which patients are most likely to respond to treatment. Also called MOA. (definition from The National Cancer Institute)

Use reliable resources to research and learn about an antibiotic or antiviral whose mechanism of action inhibits/effects at least one of the following:

  • DNA replication
  • DNA transcription
  • DNA/RNA translation
  • Viral replication processes
  • Mutation of microbial/viral DNA or RNA

The following questions should be answered when discussing your drug and may be listed by question. 

  1.  Full name of the drug and its manufacturer.
  2.  The mechanism of action (MOA) of the drug. This should be a detailed answer with explanation of what the drug does to inhibit bacteria or viral pathogens. Include the following information in this explanation of the drugs MOA.
    1. What enzyme/protein or pathway does it affect.
    2. What is the drugs effect and how does that inhibit the pathogen growth or result in direct death
  3. What disease or condition is the drug used for?
  4. Are there multiple uses for the drug and what are they?
    • If the drug is an antibiotic, is it narrow spectrum or broad spectrum?
    • If it is an antiviral, does it affect host cell genetic machinery?
  5. Does the drug pose any risks to the patient taking it and what are they. (Please DO NOT just list common side effects. Be specific about what causes those side effects)

The title of your post must include the name of the drug you are researching for easy reference by others. 

All research MUST include references listed in MLA format. (Citation Generation Tool Click Here)

Copying and pasting information from a manufacturer or other website is NOT acceptable and will result in a 0 for the assignment. All work must written in your own words and explained in a clear and concise way. 

No more than 2 people may research the same drug. This means the same drug may not appear on the discussion board more than twice. The first two posts of the same drug will receive the credit. Any post after the first two (2) will have a point deduction. (The sooner you complete your research, the better).

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