[Instant Solution] Reflection Many Feel Trepidation

[Instant Solution] Reflection Many Feel Trepidation


Many feel trepidation about working with Trauma and PTSD in counseling practice. There are often a range of fears, concerns, or pre-existing beliefs that therapists might have about treating PTSD or working with those who have experienced trauma. For our first reflective assignment in this course, I would like you to think about and answer:

What are some of the beliefs you have about those who have experienced trauma or who have PTSD/Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders and what fears do you have about working with or treating traumatized populations? Are there certain types of traumas you feel most uncomfortable/concerned about encountering or working with?

Next, what have you heard about how PTSD/trauma is treated, and what beliefs or concerns?

It should be 1-2 pages 

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