[Instant Solution] Previous Research Diary Log

[Instant Solution] Previous Research Diary Log

You will select two of the fifteen characteristics and form a comparison between them, using the research you completed during your previous Research Diary Log assignments. After explaining the results of your research on each of your chosen characteristics, you will conclude the assignment by sharing a proposal for how the two characteristics can be uniquely and meaningfully connected.

 Professionalism: Graduates should treat all patients and clients with respect and
dignity. Graduates should always maintain and safeguard the confidentiality of every
patient and client. Graduates should maintain a professional appearance and conduct
themselves with professionalism at all times. Graduates should understand the value of
professional association affiliation.

 Critical Thinking Skills: Graduates should think critically and address problems
proactively. They should exhibit sound judgment and reasoning such as the ability to
measure, calculate, analyze, and synthesize information pertinent to problem solving
when making decisions.

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