[Instant Solution] Potluck Party

[Instant Solution] Potluck Party

One of the topics explored in Part 4: Eating is feasting. Feasting is an interesting cross-cultural phenomenon that involves food, social interaction, and celebration.  What better time of year than the summer to enjoy a feast? Some feasts are quite elaborate in cuisine and social ritual (such as a wedding, holiday dinners), while others are rather simple but enjoyable (like a backyard BBQ, potluck party). In both cases, the social event involves a special meal – feasting. For this reading reflection, you will participate in (or perhaps organize) an event that includes feasting.

You will select ONE of the learning objectives from chapter 6 to provide an interpretation of your feast

Learning objective: Identify and explain the different types of feasts explored by societies, explore the social dynamics of meals as eating events.

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