[Instant Solution] Open Learning Faculty Member

[Instant Solution] Open Learning Faculty Member

 Pick a product to research throughout the four assignments. You should look ahead through all the modules to see whether your choice is suitable to complete later assignments. You need to check with your Open Learning Faculty Member to determine if the product is suitable, and get your choice approved. Only continue with Assignment 1 once the Open Learning Faculty Member approves your selection. 


The product must:

  • Be an existing consumer good or consumer service in Canada or the US,
  • Be widely available and well-known but should not be one of the following because they have been chosen repeatedly in the past: smartphone, laptop, tablet, computer, headphones, gaming consoles, smartwatches, etc.,
  • Have launched an integrated marketing campaign in Canada or the US during the last two years; and
  • Have three advertisements of the same type (e.g., three print ads or three TV commercials) that can be found online.


To get the approval, you need to provide a 1 to 2-page summary of your proposed product. The summary should include:

  • The product name,
  • The chosen country (Canada or the US),
  • A brief introduction of the product,
  • How your chosen product meets the above requirements,
  • A brief introduction of its marketing campaign, and
  • Sources for finding relevant information (beyond the company’s website).

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