[Instant Solution] Odessa Clovis Augcaugguacagga

[Instant Solution] Odessa Clovis Augcaugguacagga


Here are 4 fictional species of bacteria and the genetic information for each. Calculate the relatedness using the instructions provided and build a cladogram. Upload the cladogram to Blackboard in a Microsoft word format. You can use PowerPoint to create the cladogram. If you need help with this you can use the LRC or other tutors to help you build this. Then save the picture and copy and paste it into the Microsoft word format.

Odessa clovis                     AUGCAUGGUACAGGA

O. allystair                       UUGAUCCUAAAUGGU

O. zhengdao                      AUGCUUGAUACGAGU

O. brian                          AUGCAGGGUGCAGGA

 you could please do Odessa clovis comparing to o.brian /zhengdao comparing to o.brian  

Will upload Guidance !!

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