[Instant Solution] Much Eye Contact

[Instant Solution] Much Eye Contact

You will create a speech as a way to share information with the audience.

  1. Think about new/useful information regarding a topic that is important to you. Logical arrangement of main points and supporting information should provide your audience with audience of the chosen topic. For example, your speech could cover:
    1. Your major/intended career.
    2. A hobby or sport that you are passionate about.
    3. Something that you have had personal experience in or are planning on pursuing.

My major is social work.

2. Create a 7-9 minute speech. Keep the following in mind:

  1. You may choose to structure your speech using the motivated sequence design or the problem/cause/solution design. 
  2. You should deliver your speech extemporaneously from brief notes that occupy no more than 4 notecards.
  3. Do not read your speech, but use as much eye contact as possible.
  4. Practice, and time yourself.
  5. Refer to  Assignment 5: Persuasive Speech [PDF] Click for more options Assignment 5: Persuasive Speech [PDF] – Alternative Formats for how your speech will be critiqued.

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