[Instant Solution] “ Miss Brill ”

[Instant Solution] “ Miss Brill ”


A Feminist Stylistic Analysis of Katherine Mansfield’s “Miss Brill”

Authors:Ibrahim, Farah HafedhSource:Al-Adab; 2020; 132(2): 77-96.  [Journal Detail] University of Baghdad.Notes:English summary; Arabic summary.Peer Reviewed:YesISSN:1994-473XNational Literature Classification:Subject Literature: English literature
Period: 1900-1999
Primary Subject Author: Mansfield, Katherine(1888-1923)
Primary Subject Work: ‘Miss Brill’
Genre: short storySubject Terms:use of female imagery; style; language; relationship to sexual equality; stereotypes; discrimination; feminist approachDocument Information:Publication Type: journal article
Language of Publication: English
Update Code: 2020110601 

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