[Instant Solution] May Use Another Non

[Instant Solution] May Use Another Non

In Chapter 8, Kubler-Ross states, “The one thing that usually persists through all these stages is hope” (p. 134). In our Video Lectures, we talked about what hope might look like in some stages like denial and bargaining. 

For this discussion, post what hope might look like in the acceptance stage. In other words, if someone has accepted their terminal diagnosis (or you may use another non-death example of trauma or loss), then what would there be to hope for? 

Note: This is not a trick question; there are lots of things to hope for in acceptance, so please don’t write nothing. You will not receive points if you state there is nothing to hope for. 

Everyone MUST post to this original discussion topic. Your original response must be a minimum of 100 words. 

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