[Instant Solution] Least 2 Resources Using

[Instant Solution] Least 2 Resources Using

Program evaluation is an essential skill with the multitude of new programs from across the country that are designed to support justice-involved individuals as well as fill-in gaps in services in the current system. It is important to be able to analyze evidence that could show whether a program would be effective in your local community with your specific population and their specific needs. 

For this assignment, you are the probation officer supervisor and have just attended an industry conference. You have been asked to present what you learned about current trends in programs and interventions with the rest of your department. You will also discuss your personal evaluation of the current trend. 

WRITE A PAPER, 1000 – 1200 words


Create a presentation still 1000-1200 words in your speaker notes on a current trend in programs or interventions in the criminal justice industry. You may select the trend you would like to present and will need to perform additional research to complete this assignment. 

Specifically, your presentation should do the following: 

  • (1 slide) Introduction 
  • (2–4 slides) Identify and describe at least one current trend in programs or interventions. 
  • (2–4 slides) Discuss the purpose and target population for the current trend. 
  • (2–4 slides) Discuss what resources (could be community resources, for example) are needed to implement the current trend. 
  • (2–4 slides) Analyze evidence-based research, statistical data, or recent outcomes that assess the effectiveness of the current trend (the assessment could be good or bad). 
  • (2–4 slides) Analyze how the current trend could be utilized in your local or state area. 
  • (1–2 slides) Discuss your opinion on the current trend and whether you would support its usage in your local or state area. 
  • (1 slide) References 

Cite at least 2 resources using APA format. 

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