[Instant Solution] Individual May Successfully Resolve

[Instant Solution] Individual May Successfully Resolve

Sarah is a 65-year-old client who is coming to your clinic, Meaningful Reflections, for a lifespan interview. She’s interested in understanding her growth and development over the past 65 years by doing an in-depth life review. You will act as the clinical interviewer and assess her reflections.


Watch the eight short videos below. Each video is a brief interview with Sarah, a client who is coming to you for a lifespan interview. Use Erikson’s psychosocial theory to assess the videos. Each video will represent one of Erikson’s eight psychosocial stages. For each video, assess how Sarah resolved the psychosocial crisis at that particular stage. Remember, an individual doesn’t fully resolve each stage. The individual may successfully resolve parts of the stage and unsuccessfully resolve other parts of the stage. Resolution is not an “either-or” (either successful or unsuccessful) resolution but rather a “both-and” (both successful and unsuccessful) resolution.

For this assignment, thoroughly complete the Lifespan Interview form linked below: 

  • Provide a detailed description of how Sarah both successfully and unsuccessfully resolved each of Erikson’s psychosocial stages.
  • Be specific in your explanations (i.e., summarize content from the video, use direct quotes from Sarah, etc.). Each stage should be at least 1-2 paragraphs in length.
  • Define Kubler-Ross’ Stage of Grieving (DABDA) and describe how Sarah coped with each stage. Provide two (2) tips per stage to help Sarah cope with the loss of her husband.

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