[Instant Solution] Homeland Thus Potentially Crating

[Instant Solution] Homeland Thus Potentially Crating


Reflective Discussion 1


  1. Why do we need theory in Public Administration? Discuss what theory is and how and why we use it. Identify at least 2 theorists and their theoretical perspective.  Comment on what they have to say.  Do you agree or disagree and why.
  2. Discuss the role on public administration in the American context and contrast it to the role of public administration in another country of your choice. What similarities and differences can you identify.  Do you believe other countries’ administrative systems are becoming “Americanized” as a result og globalization?  Why or why not?
  3. How do you define home?

Globalization and immigration have made the world both a much smaller place and a much larger place.  Low-cost travel and governments supportive of immigration have made the world a smaller place and made it easier for cross border business as well as reduced barriers for immigrants and refugees to move from their home country to other places for new and potentially better opportunities.  Technological advances and digital communication have made it much easier for those newcomers to remain connected to their homeland thus potentially crating barriers to full integration and assimilation into their new homeland.  Ethnic, political, and religious based violence along with crises such as the Covid 19 pandemic have, among some, instilled fear and potentially hatred of those that look different or talk different.

Watch the included video clip.  For the purposes of this discussion think of what they describe as ‘the burn’ as a much more deadly form of Covid-19.  Consider the message of the clip as a metaphor about globalization, our world today and a debate about our growing interconnectedness within and between our communities and public administrators.  Discuss this impact and answer the question: How do you define home?  Issues to consider include fear and hatred, communion and sharing, growing interconnectedness, science, and duty to home.  What defines your home today and why?  Has your home changed as a result of these factors?

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