[Instant Solution] Health Care Decision Makers

[Instant Solution] Health Care Decision Makers


Case Description: (1 page) The specific aim of this project is to analyze an actual or hypothetical complex patient case and use nursing informatics to develop a plan for resolving the complex issues.

For example, “your hospital has a patient who has been in acute care for 400 days. The patient is a 48 y/o AA female who has diabetes, ESRD with outpatient dialysis prior to experiencing a stroke. She was living with her mother and three dependent children when the stroke occurred. She has periods of awareness, but is aphasic, quadriplegic, and ventilator dependent. The hospital has been losing money on her care for over a year now, and with the severe economic downturn, has requested your advanced practice nursing skills to devise a plan of care that will provide quality of care at less cost to the hospital.”

So, think of the most difficult case you have ever seen. Now is the time to try out your problem-solving skills with the help of nursing informatics. 

Care Issues: (up to 2 pages) Identify care issues for the complex patient based on the assessment data provided in the case description.

Informatics Applications: (1 to 2 pages)

Now the fun begins! Conduct literature searches for any clinical practice guidelines, reviews of research, or other evidence that may assist you in resolving the issues. (Such as “ventilator-dependent home care or long-term care”).

Consider what outcomes are desired for the patient and health care organization. Conduct online searches for commercial products that may help with the problem (such as telehealth monitoring devices that would keep the patient in contact with health care decision makers). Keep track of your search process so that someone else can follow your path to a similar solution. This is a good time to brainstorm with your peers and help each other.

Follow-up Plans: (up to 2 pages) Detail your plan to resolve the care issues, including the cost impact to your healthcare organization. Include your rationale for decisions. 

Reflection and Evaluation: (1 to 2 pages). Reflect on how informatics will improve quality and care issues for the complex patient based on the assessment data provided in the case description.

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