[Instant Solution] Health Care Administrators Need

[Instant Solution] Health Care Administrators Need

Health care administrators are confronted with ethical dilemmas and difficult decision making during their work. As we have already discovered, there are important interactions between ethical behaviors and legal issues. Health care administrators need to understand the relationships as well as the distinct differences. Health care institutions have ethics committees that play a central role in the protection of patients’ rights, the organization as a whole, and its staff.

Imagine you work as a professional health care administrator in a large medical center. You have been asked to present a writing at a professional conference on medical ethics and caregiver-patient encounters. You must write about a significant physician-patient ethical dilemma in a medical setting, defending the decision and conclusions made.

Below is a resource with multiple ethical case studies that involved patients, their families, and members of the interdisciplinary team. Choose one of the scenarios on this site, or select a case of your own choosing from another resource.

  1. Prepare a brief from the perspective of a lead administrator dealing with an ethical dilemma.
  2. Apply ethical and moral theories to a case study involving a patient and caregivers.
  3. Outline the ethical concerns and potential outcomes in a selected ethical dilemma.
  4. Propose a solution to mitigate the issues raised in a selected ethical dilemma.
  5. Defend the solution from an ethical standpoint.
  6. Use at least three peer-reviewed articles less than five years old.
  7. Provide appropriate in-text citations and a reference section.
  8. Meet clarity, writing mechanics, and formatting requirements.

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