[Instant Solution] Experience Significant Psychological Effects

[Instant Solution] Experience Significant Psychological Effects


Perhaps you have experienced them before. Subtly racist remarks or sexist behaviors that left you feeling hurt, confused, or stunned. Microaggressions—small actions and words that communicate bias and discrimination—are not always called out or easily identified because they are couched in the everyday. While hate crimes and hate speech are explicit and intentional actions, microaggressions are implicit and may be unintentional.

These qualities do not make microaggressions any less impactful than other forms of prejudice and discrimination. In fact, adolescents who experience daily microaggressions within a larger climate of systemic racism can become overwhelmed and experience significant psychological effects.

For this Discussion, you view a video case about an adolescent experiencing microaggressions. You record your response to the adolescent as if you were her social worker, and then you reflect on your recorded response.


write a transcript  in which you imagine yourself responding to the student as a social worker. 

Then, in your post, do the following:

  • Reflect on the practice skills you demonstrated in the video. 
  • Explain the potential impacts of ethnic and racial microaggressions on psychological development in adolescence.
  • Describe how you would work with the student to curb these negative impacts. Draw on the values and ethics of the profession in your response.

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