[Instant Solution] Eg Equivocal Etc

[Instant Solution] Eg Equivocal Etc


What is emotional contagion? Identify an example of emotional contagion in this clip? 

Pick a time in the clip when aggressive language was used. Rewrite it using assertive language – identify each of the parts. 

a) How emotionally intelligent is Deb? Why do you think this? Provide a rationale and an example from the clip. 

b) How emotionally intelligent is Ray? Why do you think this? Provide a rationale and an example from the clip. 

Define and explain an example of the Contextual Model of Intercultural Communication; apply the model to a real-life situation (it does not have to come from the clip). Be sure to go deep in this example and label clearly. 

Label and then provide an example of each of the perceptual constructs evident in this clip. If you can’t find one – then still identify it and tell me why it is not present. 

Define and explain the process of perception. Provide an example of the process of perception “in action” from the clip. There a number of tendencies for misinformation – name four of them and provide an example of each from the clip. 

Provide a specific example of powerful language used in the clip. 

Name the different languages of responsibility and when you would want to use it…..take a defensive raising “you” statement from the episode and rewrite it using each form of language of responsibility. 

Using the 3 rules of language – identify a time when each of them was in practice (or misused). Explain your example from the clip clearly…. 

Identify four different types of powerless language used in the clip; provide an example of when these were used in this clip and explain why it was powerless 

Explain abstract language – provide a specific behavioral statement from the following statement: 

a.      “You are so stupid.”\ 

Explain each of the forms of the language of responsibility and identify an example of them from the clip (eg., equivocal etc…) 

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