[Instant Solution] Drastically Cut City Support

[Instant Solution] Drastically Cut City Support


Rona is a huge supporter of Gerry Mitchell in the mayoral campaign. Rona decides to volunteer for Mitchell campaign and is soon asked to speak at various rallies when Mitchell can’t attend. One Saturday evening, Rona is asked to speak before a group of retirees at a local retirement center. As a campaign insider, Rona knows that Mitchell has privately acknowledged that he’s probably going to have to drastically cut city support for a number of programs that help the elderly. Of course, this information has been made public. Rona also realizes that the group she is speaking before would not vote for Mitchell if they knew what his future plans are.

1. If Rona attempts to persuade the retirees without divulging the information about the future cuts, is she a pure persuader or a manipulative persuader?

2. Does a political operative have an ethical obligation, to be honest when the information being disseminated to a group of people isn’t complete?

3. If you were Rona, what would you do?

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