[Instant Solution] Docxdownload Dietary Analysis Document

[Instant Solution] Docxdownload Dietary Analysis Document

To complete the assignment, open the diet analysis document below. Follow all the instructions on this page as well as in the document itself. Failure to comply with all parts of the requirements may result in a low grade.  Submit as a PDF or Microsoft Word file ONLY.

Dietary Analysis Document 2023-1.docxDownload Dietary Analysis Document 2023-1.docx

Below is the link to the tutorial for nutrition calc. It has all the information you need to enter your data and generate reports. If you read and follow the direction, it gives you the option of choosing the format of your reports.

NutritionCalc Plus: Help Page (mheducation.com)Links to an external site.Links to an external site.


10 points will be deducted for students who do not submit the reports in a pdf format and the 10-point deduction will stand even after the student resubmit the assignment. The document that you are provided with is a Microsoft Word document. You are expected to write your responses in the document and submit them as a Microsoft Word document or a Pdf. Any students who submit a google doc or Pages document using a Macbook will incur a permanent 20-point deduction in the final grade for this assignment.

Your goal is to submit the reports to look exactly as you see them in nutrition calc. Depending on your computer, you may need to do some formatting. I cannot grade reports that do not look the same because sometimes the data are on the wrong line and it is difficult to interpret. This in turn will require the student to resubmit, and if it is after the due date, then a late penalty will also apply in addition to a 10-point deduction as mentioned above.

PDF format makes everything look the same, so save your reports as a pdf

If you don’t know how to do a Google search, there are plenty of online tutorials that you can watch to assist you. Pdf files look the same on all computers. Nutrition calc allows you to format the reports in pdf. You also have the option of simply saving the page as a pdf using the print option on your computer.

Some of you are proficient enough with a computer and you can insert your reports directly into the diet analysis document to make it one big document. If this is your preference, it is acceptable. Otherwise, it is also acceptable to attach each report separately, there is no limit. When you are ready to submit your work in Canvas, after you upload your first document, you will see the option to add more files. Do not hit the submit button until you have attached all your files.

Your instructor is willing to review your work after submission as long as it is submitted at LEAST 3 DAYS BEFORE THE DUE DATE, to avoid any late penalty and opportunity to resubmit correctly. Your instructor will not review any work that is not submitted for review less than 3 days before the due date.

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