[Instant Solution] Determine Root Causes Contributing

[Instant Solution] Determine Root Causes Contributing



Educational leaders are often faced with complex issues that require action to meet state and federal requirements. To prepare to address these issues, school leaders should consider how they might use evidence-based practices and programs at the local level. For this assignment, consider an issue you might face and how you might resolve it as an educational leader using evidence-based practices or programs. 


Part 1: The Problem Scenario

  • Identify an issue that you might face as an educational leader that requires action to meet evidence standards set by state and federal policies. You can identify an issue from your local setting or adapt the scenarios presented in the content of this lesson to your local setting. The issue must be one that is related to state and federal policies requiring evidence at the system or school level.
  • Describe the context surrounding the issue similar to the two scenarios presented in this lesson. 

Part 2: The Proposed Solution

  • Explain the steps you would take to gather further information related to the problem to include reviews of state and local policies and steps to determine root causes contributing to the problem.
  • Identify the sources you would access to identify an evidence-based practice or program to address the issue.
  • Propose one or more evidence-based practices or programs to address the problem with a rationale to substantiate how these programs could address the issue.

This assignment must be 3-4 pages in length (excluding the title and reference page) and include at least 3 scholarly resources.

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