[Instant Solution] Daughter Mentions 3 Reasons

[Instant Solution] Daughter Mentions 3 Reasons


Environmental and Occupational Health/Human Factors

Human  Factors play an integral part in healthcare. Review this week’s videos  regarding this topic and reflect upon these factors and your own  experiences. In the video LDI Louise Batz, her daughter  mentions 3 reasons preventable medical errors occur and her conviction  about the importance of patients and families being an integral part of  the healthcare team. 

The Story of Louise H. Batz from Tragedy to Hope (Duration: 13:36)

The Story of Louise H. Batz from Tragedy to Hope 

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  1. As mentioned in the LDI Louise Batz video, how does lack of teamwork, lack of knowledge and lack of technology impact the occurrence of preventable medical errors?
  2. How do Human Factors influence healthcare errors? Describe what you have seen in either your professional or personal life.
  3. How can patients and their families be included in the healthcare team and how would this impact healthcare?

For  your original post, please respond with a substantive answer (at least  3-4 well-written sentences for each prompt) to each of these three  questions. 

There are NO references required for this  discussion board. This is discussion is simply meant for you to reflect  upon these questions. 

Discussion Board Rubric – Reflections

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