[Instant Solution] Begin Exploring R Case

[Instant Solution] Begin Exploring R Case


Throughout the course, you have been following R as he develops biologically, psychologically, and socially, as he makes decisions, and as his social environment changes over time. Now imagine R as your client. How would knowledge of HBSE inform his case?

Social workers are expected to apply HBSE, person‐in environment, and other multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks during the stages of engagement, assessment, and intervention when practicing in the field. This Discussion aims to help you develop your critical thought related to these practice behaviors—and to get you started on your biopsychosocial assessment, due in Week 10.

For this Discussion, you begin exploring R case by considering how HBSE applies when engaging, assessing, and intervening with R.

 Post an explanation of how you might apply knowledge of human behavior and the social environment when engaging, assessing, and intervening with R as a social worker. Then, discuss any areas where you feel challenged or need additional support for your biopsychosocial assessment Assignment. 

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