[Instant Solution] Apa Formatting Make Sure

[Instant Solution] Apa Formatting Make Sure


Compute the Total Grit Score Now that you have the reverse-scored items, you can compute the total Grit Scale score:

3.1. Go to “Transform” > “Compute Variable.”

3.2. Enter a name for the new variable, such as “Total_Grit_Score.”

3.3. In the “Numeric Expression” box, add up the reverse-scored items (e.g., GS1r + GS4r + GS6r + GS9r + GS10r + GS12r).

3.4. Divide the sum by 12 (the number of items) to calculate the mean Grit Score (e.g., / 12).

3.5. Click “OK” to create the new variable.

3.6. To obtain mean, standard deviation (SD), skewness, and kurtosis of the Total Grit Score variable, go to “Analyze” > “Descriptive Statistics” > “Descriptives.” Select “Total_Grit_Score” as the variable and check the boxes for “Mean,” “Std. Deviation,” “Skewness,” and “Kurtosis.”

3.7. Click “OK” to generate the descriptive statistics.

Step 4: Create a Figure for Grit Score Distribution To create a figure displaying the distribution of the Total Grit Score:

4.1. Copy the histogram or boxplot of the Total Grit Score to your Word document.

Step 5: Write a Verbal Summary In your Word document, write a verbal summary of your findings. Include the following:

4a. Summarize the results of the demographic variable analysis, describing the descriptive statistics and the distribution of each variable. Also, provide the mean and SD for the Total Grit Score and comment on its distribution (normality).

4b. Interpret the values found in the analyses, considering how the sample compares to the general population or other relevant populations. Mention any critiques or limitations of the data collection process.

Step 6: APA Formatting Make sure to format your table headings and figure captions according to current APA guidelines.

Once you’ve completed all these steps, you should have a comprehensive SPSS assignment that meets the requirements outlined in your instructions.

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