[Instant Solution] 2 Page Health Fact

[Instant Solution] 2 Page Health Fact

Students will develop a 1-2 page Health Fact Sheet based on an aging topic of their choosing. This would be with the idea that it could be placed at a senior center or handed out to older adults for educational purposes. It is recommend that students use the text to assist with topic ideas. The student must utilize the library guide provided by Library Services to research professional journal sources appropriate for up to date, accurate, health information. . Each student must use at least two sources and cite the references using APA format.

The student will determine how best to present the information with the older adult as the focus for the educational material. In other words, what is the best method to present the information in a way that is suitable for older adult (e.g., font size/type, colors, images, language use, etc.). 

In addition to the 1-2 page Health Fact Sheet, each student will include an additional 1-page document that includes the following:

Citations (2 minimum) used using APA format 

A typed explanation of how you designed your Health Fact Sheet for ease of reading and understanding by older adults. In other words, what considerations did you include when developing your Fact Sheet.  

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